At Taxibil Lerum there is a long and solid experience of taxi transport and we work purposefully to deliver service with the highest quality, both on short and long trips

As a customer, you can always feel welcome to us at Taxibil Lerum. We carry out trips for private customers, companies, hotels and insurance companies within Lerum and the surrounding area, but we also accept orders for longer trips.

Pre-bookings, preferably made before 21.00 no later than the day before, give priority regardless of the time of day.

Welcome to call us 0302 - 155 70.

Courier by taxi

Do you have parcels or letters that need to be delivered quickly?

Taxibil Lerum also carries out courier transport. It can be urgent food deliveries, important documents or spare parts that need to be delivered quickly.

We will help you with safe and fast courier transports based on your needs.

The goods can be up to two full pallets that fit in a van, or smaller goods that can fit in a station wagon. The content must not have been classified as dangerous or harmful to health goods.

Welcome to call us 0302 - 155 70 or send your request to

Landvetter Airport

When you want to get to or from Landvetter Airport, you do it safely and securely with us. We will pick you up when you are going to travel and will be waiting for you when you coming home. Always at a fixed price.

Are you going to travel from Landvetter we are happy to help you book your taxi so that you arrive at the airport at the right time.

When you book pick-up at Landvetter, you state the preliminary arrival time and flight number and we monitor the arrival time of the plane. And we always meet up inside the arrivals hall with a nameplate unless otherwise agreed.

Observe! For travel from Landvetter Airport, Swedavia's surcharge is charged at each departure. Read more about station/terminal fees here.

If you want to pre-order a taxi weekdays before 07.00, we are grateful if you prefer to do it before 21.00 no later than the day before so that you are guaranteed to get a taxi. Pre-orders also provide priority regardless of the time of day.

Gothenburgs Central station

Taxibil Lerum's cars can be found at the taxi station located next to track 1. You as a customer can choose which company you want to travel with, regardless of which cars are first in line or not.

Observe! For travel from Gothenburgs Central Station, Jernhusen's surcharge is charged at each departure at the taxi station. Read more about station/terminal fees here.

Travel with children

At Taxibil Lerum, even our youngest customers travel safely and securely.

From 0 to 9 months, the baby should sit rear-facing in a baby car seat.

Children who have passed 9 months and 9 kilos and up to about four years should always sit in a rear-facing car seat.

Children from about four years old and over 15 kilograms should sit on a seat cushion, forward-facing until the child is at least 135 cm. In our cars there is always at least one seat cushion.

Taxibil Lerum follows the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations and the Swedish Transport Administration's recommendations for travel with children in a car. So that there are no misunderstandings, contact the switchboard 0302 - 155 70 when you want to book a trip with children.

As the baby car seat / car seat is too obscure to have in the cars, the driver must pick one up at the office and then we charge a price supplement 100 kr that is added to the trip and booked on 0302 - 15570.

You can of course bring your own car seat (all our cars have Isofix mounts), then there is no extra charge.

Large car

If you are a larger group that is going to travel, you can order a so-called large car. We have cars with room for up to seven passengers that take the whole party comfortably to your destination. Since the number of these cars is limited, we recommend that you pre-order so that we are more likely to be able to meet your needs.


In order to ensure service and quality for travelers traveling from hubs, more and more landowners are choosing to charge an additional fee to the taxi companies. The fees finance, among other things, logistics solutions, taxi hosts and that the right taxi company that meets specified requirements operates the hub. Prices include VAT.

When travelling from the taxi dock at Gothenburg Central (located at track 1), Jernhusen's fee of 27 kr will be added. Tips for those who are going to leave the Central Station, pre-order your taxi so that we pick up outside Clarion Hotel Post then there is no extra fee.

For travel from Landvetter Airport, Swedavia's surcharge 50 kr is charged at each departure. This fee is also charged for pre-orders. When booking taxi by phone, on the web or through the app, this fee is already included in the fixed price.