Terms & Conditions

For those who travel with GTT Taxibil i Lerum AB (Taxibil Lerum), the following terms and conditions apply. Our intention with these travel terms is, among other things, to describe our services and report the obligations that we assume towards you as a customer and that we expect you as a customer to fulfill towards us. By using an account with us and/or ordering a ride, you agree to these travel conditions.

Booking confirmation and cancellation

At Taxibil Lerum you can book the trip by phone, 0302 - 155 70, on the web, through the app or stop one of our cars on the street. When the order is placed by phone, you will receive an SMS confirmation of your order, provided that we have your mobile number.

If the confirmation does not seem to correspond to your order, please contact our switchboard 0302 - 155 70 immediately.

If you have been prevented from attending and need to cancel a trip, you can do so until the booking has been assigned to a taxi, which takes place approximately 15 minutes before the specified pick-up time.

If the car does not show up or is delayed

If the taxi you ordered does not arrive on time, we ask you to immediately contact our switchboard 0302 - 155 70.

Help with luggage

Our drivers will help you with loading and unloading your luggage both at the beginning of the journey and at the final destination. Be sure that you get all luggage into the car or that all luggage is handed over to the driver. When you get out of the car at the end of the trip, make sure you don't forget your luggage, mobile phone, wallet or other items. You as a customer are responsible for forgotten effects. If you have forgotten something in the taxi, please contact our switchboard 0302 - 155 70.

If you find any object in the car that was forgotten by a previous traveler, you must of course not take the item with you, but should hand it to the driver or draw the driver's attention to the forgotten item, so we can return it to the rightful owner.


If the trip does not take place at a fixed price, the tariff that Taxibil Lerum applies applies when the trip takes place. Prices are always indicated on price stickers well placed both inside and outside the taxis. Current taximeter prices can also be found here.

In our app you get a fixed price for the trip. The fixed price is based on the estimated time and mileage of a trip; from the pickup address (A) to the drop-off address (B), based on the shortest path according to Google Maps. Neither the driver nor the customer has the opportunity to make changes to the journey along the way, as long as the fixed price is accepted.

As a customer, you also have the opportunity to ask for a fixed price on other trips. If you want a fixed-price offer, ask the driver before the trip starts. We offer fixed prices to and from Landvetter Airport and other hubs as well as several hospitals. More information about fixed price can be found here.

The waiting rate is applied from the time the taxi is in place at the pick-up address and is not included in the fixed price. The applicable tariff will be charged during the waiting period.


As a customer, when paying for the trip, you can choose between paying by debit card or cash in the taxi. When booking on the website or in the app, you can choose between paying for your trip in the taxi or with a pre-registered card. We offer Stripe payment method for card payment in the app. Stripe is one of the world's largest payment service companies for online payments.

If you as a private person or company are a contract customer of Taxibil Lerum, you can pay in arrears against invoice. Such an account is provided by Taxibil Lerum at your request, after the usual credit check, and then on the terms and conditions Taxibil Lerum applies.

As a customer, you always have the right to receive a receipt for your payment.


If you as a customer are not satisfied with the performance of the trip or our services in general, we would like you to notify us by following us by phone 0302 - 155 70 or e-mail taxi@taxibillerum.se.

You must file a complaint as quickly as possible, but no later than within 14 days after the transport took place (or 14 days from the date on which the transport, in the event of non-transport, would have taken place). If you are an invoice customer and have a complaint about an invoice, a complaint against the invoice must be made no later than 14 days after receiving the invoice.

Taxibil Lerum's goal is for you to receive a message about how your complaint will be handled within five working days. However, the nature of the case may mean that a decision is delayed a little longer.

Taxibil Lerum's liability and liability for compensation

For personal injury and damage to property transported in the taxi, the rules that follow from the Traffic Damage Act (1975: 1410) apply, which usually means that compensation is paid through the taxi's (or any other vehicle involved) traffic insurance. If you should suffer a personal injury or damage to property during your trip with one of Taxibil Lerum's taxis, you must therefore request compensation from the transporting taxi's traffic insurance company. If you contact Taxibil Lerum, you will receive information about which insurance company you should turn to.

If you suffer any other damage that is not reimbursed from the car's motor insurance, you may be entitled to compensation from us if we or the taxi caused the damage through negligence. However, our liability is limited to direct damage only, which means that we are not liable for indirect damage, such as lost income, income or profits, or loss of production, third party damage or other consequential damage.

Force Majeure

Regardless of what has been said above, Taxibil Lerum is exempt from liability for compensation for damage as a result of non-transport or incorrectly performed transport if this is due to circumstances of the kind listed below (»Liberating circumstance«) and the circumstance prevents, or significantly complicates, the completion of the transport in a timely manner. We will not be liable at all if our ability to perform the services is hindered or a damage arises from circumstances beyond our control, such as government action, new or amended legislation, extensive staff departures, strikes or other labor conflicts, fuel shortages, machine or other vehicle damage, severe weather, difficult traffic conditions, unexpected operational disruption in the business, errors in data transmission, loss or destruction of data or property of significant significance or accident of major magnitude.

Customer's obligation to limit damage

If you suffer an injury, you are obliged to do what is reasonable to limit your damage. We are not obliged to pay compensation for the part of the damage that you should have been able to avoid.


All taxi vehicles connected to Taxibil Lerum are duly insured against damage to passengers and their property. In addition, Taxibil Lerum has taken out liability insurance for other types of damage for a reassuring amount.

Terms & Conditions for our digital platforms

As a logged-in customer, you have the opportunity to manage your bookings on our website or in the app. The user account gives you the opportunity to book trips, in some cases cancel, create favorite addresses for faster ordering and access your travel history made in your account.

In order to use the service, you need a user account. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one before you start traveling. You are responsible for ensuring that the password maintains the required level of security so that unauthorized persons cannot log in to your account. We also recommend that you regularly change your password to ensure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. The password should be unique to the user account.

You are responsible for orders placed through the user account. It is therefore important that you contact us immediately in the event that you suspect that your account profile is being exploited by unauthorized persons.

Handling of personal data

Taxibil Lerum is the data controller for the personal data you as a customer provide to us in connection with ordering a taxi.

Taxibil Lerum uses your personal data to fulfill your order and provide you with as good service as possible in connection with this and what personal data is collected depends partly on how you booked your car. If you order via the website, we collect information about your name, telephone number, address and other information you choose to provide to us in order to enable as accurate, smooth and safe a taxi ride as possible. We also take IP address information to detect abuse. The personal data is treated confidentially and takes place in accordance with the applicable privacy policy. You can find the current version of the policy here.

If we don't get along

If you have made a complaint regarding our services or requested compensation for an injury you have suffered and are not satisfied, you are of course able to turn to Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden:

Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (ARN)

Box 174

101 23 Stockholm

Telephone: 08 - 508 860 00

Or at www.arn.se